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USA Opens up to international travellers

As we deliver premium business travel management, there’s an expectation from our clients that throughout the pandemic, we find ways to enable them to safely continue to travel. Relied upon as the experts, our consultants have to be up to speed with all the latest developments, often assisting with complex requirements such as National Interest Exemption Visas. Any move towards a more simpler travel mandate definitely frees up time and capacity for our consultants. 

Although part of the reason for the uplift in enquiries is a direct result of US borders reopening, i.e., requests for trips to the US, we have also noticed a wider impact as the announcement boosted confidence as a whole across the industry.

Each step we take towards travel becoming simpler and with less ‘unknowns’ around rules, testing, paperwork and quarantining, then traveller and booker confidence will continue to improve. We know our consultants can deliver, but we need wider spread confidence to continue to rebuild.”


Patrick Hart

Nov 09 2021
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