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The UK government has relaxed the rules for travel abroad - but many countries continue to impose restrictions on British travellers.

Search for your destination in the grey box below to see entry restrictions and quarantine requirements for your destinations.

The colour of the country's name reflects whether the government has put it on the restricted red list for travel to England. Countries displayed in green are classified as "rest of the world" - travel from these places is less restricted.

While the tool shows current restrictions these may be subject to change.

There may also be restrictions when you travel back to the UK.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced changes to the travel traffic light system for England earlier this year, as well as changes to testing requirements. Click here to see them in full.

Similar rules apply in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, but as the devolved nations make their own decisions, rules could be different around the UK.

Sky News Travel Tracker


Click to check the state of the pandemic in each country

Search for your destination in the map below to see the current rules for travelling back to the UK.

The rules are due to stay in place until the New Year - however, travel regulations can change at short notice. Please check the latest official government information of your destination before travelling.







Patrick Hart

Oct 27 2021
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